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It is easy to come to the holiday home and it is effortless to live there. Our partner Quality Voyage will help you with transportation, excursions, cleaning services and rental vehicles. They also take care of our key service, maintenance and help with wide range of other matters.


You can book services from us or directly from the service provider in English:



Takky and Nuch tel. 66 (0) 83 587 795966  tel. (0) 85 100 8100


Vuokraa talo Thaimaasta, Mae Phim, Thaim

Taxi and transportation

Usually the holiday home is reached from Bangkok, Shuvarnabhumi Airport. We can arrange a taxi for the airport, but if desired, a taxi can be picked up and taken to other destinations.


You can find the prices of taxi transfers to the most common destinations here.



Here is plenty to see; nature, animals, temples, gardens, islands. Surrounding areas; waterfall, aquatic life and of course Pattaya with its shopping opportunities. There is a wide range of excursions in the selection and if no suitable one is found, customize it to your liking.

Cleaning Sink

Cleaning services

Get the cleaning services effortlessly from our service provider.

Vuokraa talo Thaimaasta, Mae Phim, Thaim

Vehicle rental

A side cart moped is a popular  in the village, as it travels with the whole family. Like other vehicles, you can rent one from our service provider. The rent of the house includes two bicycles.


It is good to remember that an international driving license is required by law to drive a motor vehicle. And in Thailand, the left-hand traffic!

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